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#30DaysOfCharity – 31) Child Poverty Action Group

You may have already heard of this organisation before. Child Poverty Action Group works on behalf of the more one in four children in the UK growing up in poverty. It doesn’t have to be like this. 

They work to understand what causes poverty, the impact it has on children’s lives, and how it can be prevented and solved – for good.

Poverty is not inevitable. It is caused by low wages, inadequate benefits, expensive housing and childcare, and a lack of decently-paid jobs. Drawing on our 50 years of experience and expertise, we devise and promote solutions we know will lift children and families out of poverty.

Dear Aerial Express

Thank you for your donation of £150.00 towards our Christmas appeal. Your contribution towards our work will have a meaningful impact on the lives of those we help.

Currently one in four children are growing up in poverty. When children grow up poor they miss out on the things that most take for granted – school trips, having a friend round for tea or a new pair of shoes. They also have poorer health, lower life expectancy and do less well in school than their peers.

With your support we will work towards ending child poverty in the UK.

Thank you and best wishes,

From all of us at the Child Poverty Action Group


If you’d like to find out more about this charity visit the website or for support call 0141 552 3303.