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#30DaysOfCharity – 55) World Animal Protection

Adopt a bear today and you will be helping to provide everything rescue bears need at the Balkasar sanctuary in Pakistan, to live happy, healthy lives. Adopt as many bears as you like, and your adoption will continue for as long as we receive your kind monthly gifts. Your support will also help protect other bears and animals in desperate need around the world.

Through their work with animals in communities, in the wild, across farming industries and in disaster zones, they bring a voice for animals to speak up and act against cruelty and suffering.

They are also protecting wild animals from cruelty and exploitation. The protection of wild animals is an urgent, global issue. Whether farmed for meat and by-products or caught up in the illegal wildlife trade, many wild animals face the threat of extinction. Other wild animals are exploited for entertainment in blood sports like bear baiting and bullfighting. With our help, World Animal Protection moves the world to protect these wild animals from exploitation and fights to keep them in the wild where they belong.


the bible network

If you’d like to find out more about this charity visit the website or for support call 0800 316 9966.